Student Assistance Program

Connecting Youth's Student Assistance Program 

Student Assistance Programs can be found in schools throughout the U.S. The program was modeled after the adult, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Student Assistance Professionals (SAPs) aim to bridge the gap between public health and education for youth in schools. 

What Does An SAP Do?  

An SAP focuses on building students' developmental assets to lead healthy, caring and responsible lives. SAPs support and empower students with resources like specialized care and treatment, access to community agencies, or private clinicians when necessary. They play a critical role in the CDC’s Whole School, Whole Child Model (WSCC) which CVSD has adopted district-wide.

In addition, SAPs:

How Do SAPs Function in Schools? 

CVSD has a dedicated SAP located in each school so they can build the strongest connections among students, staff and faculty, family/caregivers and the community services they may need. 

They are plugged into ongoing school initiatives to achieve the best academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and life-skill outcomes for all students.

CVSD Student Assistance Professionals

Hinesburg & Charlotte Community Schools

Williston Central School

Matt Meunier, MS (LCMHC)

Champlain Valley Union 

Gina Pandolfo

Shelburne Community School