Connecting Youth Mentoring

Be someone who matters to someone who matters

CY Mentoring is one of the largest mentoring programs in Vermont, serving more than 160 5th-12th graders across Champlain Valley School District. School-based programs support our middle school mentor/mentee pairs while community-based programs support our high school pairs. Learn more about mentoring's impact below.  


Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful, positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity.  ~Source:MENTOR National 


Mentors are fun, caring, trustworthy adults who provide a consistent presence in a young person’s life. By sharing just one hour a week, a mentor can help a young person enhance their self-confidence, improve academic performance, prevent substance abuse, and explore [new] interests and passions while enriching their own life.

Our Programs

Community-Based Mentoring

CVU high school students are matched with caring and committed volunteers to spend meaningful quality time together in the community. Mentor pairs meet after school or on weekends to work on projects, explore interests and experience new places all the while building trusting and dependable relationships.

School-Based Mentoring

Our school-based program is offered to CVSD middle school students - grades 5th-8th. They're matched with trustworthy and respectful volunteers who spend one hour a week, during the school day. Each school has a dedicated mentor space for pairs to explore projects and activities like cooking, crafting, games, sports or just easeful conversation.

CVU Flight School 

Flight School is a peer group mentoring program that pairs 11th and 12th-grade mentors with groups of 9th-grade students, transfer and international students. The program helps connect experienced CVU students with new students to help them learn about CVU life and ease their transition. Groups meet periodically throughout the year to talk about how things are going, discuss upcoming CVU traditions and events, and to share in fun activities they're experiencing.

CVSD Mentoring Coordinators

             Alice Brown          

Mentoring Coordinator, SCS

Alison Duback 

Mentoring Coordinator, CVU

Becky Martell 

Mentoring Coordinator, WCS

Livy Bulger 

Mentoring Coordinator, HCS

Kate Rooney 

Mentoring Coordinator,  CCS