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Addiction & Substance Abuse Prevention: A Talk for Parents and Caregivers.

In this important event, join parents, caregivers and educators for a real, fact-based conversation with youth prevention expert, Jessica Lahey. Drawing from her own personal experience and years of research in child development, education, and addiction, Jessica Lahey sheds light on the roots of substance abuse, identifying who is most at risk and offering practical advice for prevention. 

Jessica will share actionable steps to communicate with youth about substances and insight into best practices for prevention of addiction. Come with your questions and challenges, and connect with other caregivers in a supportive environment of care for our teens.

Digital Dynamics: Exploring Social Relationships in the Age of Screens

Are you curious how social relationships have changed in the age of digital technology and screens? Wondering how to help your child navigate friendships and connections while balancing their mental health?

ParentIN hosted an engaging talk with UNC Chapel Hill’s Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Annie Maheux, Ph.D. Annie has a deep body of research that speaks to the impacts of technology use on mental health among young people with a focus on mental health, gender, and sexuality. 

Digital Safety Workshop Presented by Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations

What's so risky about youth having access to the internet? Whether it's texting, social media or gaming, Detectives Krystal Wrinn and Tom Chenette shared their expertise on how to keep youth safe in the digital space and what to be aware of as the internet and technology evolve so rapidly. This workshop empowered caregivers and their young people with the knowledge to make smart and safe choices in the digital space.

It's Complicated: Teens, Social Media & Mental Health

Free Webinar for Caregivers & Educators

ParentIN hosted Erin Walsh of Spark and Stitch Institute for a live webinar designed for caregivers and educators on Teens, Social Media, and Mental Health. We cut through conflicting information and shared the latest evidence about screen time’s impact on youth mental wellness. 

ParentIN is a programmatic collaboration between the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community (BPHC), Burlington School District, and Champlain Valley School District. Learn more at or visit the BPHC website at

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Kathleen Kilbourne of the Center for Health and Learning will teach basic knowledge and skills of suicide prevention, including societal myths and attitudes, use of sensitive language, considerations for populations at risk, and local and national resources for help. Participants will discuss best practices for prevention and walk away with: