Our Mission 

What We Do. And How We Do It.

 Embedded in our district, Connecting Youth represents a synergy of programs, people, policies, and practices rooted in Positive Youth Development. We believe our mission thrives when all community segments play a role. This includes families and caregivers, educators and administrators, athletic coaches, health care providers, business leaders, civic groups, and faith leaders.

Our Impact  

CVSD Connecting Youth's programs and people are key ingredients in the above state statistic. With one of the largest mentor programs in Vermont and dedicated Student Assistance Professionals in each school, we continue to contribute to the social and emotional learning and positive development of our youth.

Prevention is at the core of Connecting Youth's mission and we're is committed to continue decreasing EVP use through prevention education. 

In 2022, CY was awarded a grant from the Vermont Department of Health to implement a district-wide vaping prevention campaign. Approached holistically, CY aims to shift the cultural narrative around EVP use from punitive to restorative, treating vaping as a health concern NOT a character flaw.